Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fincher + Bendis = Torso!!!!

Torso announced. From DarkHorizons:

David Fincher Uncovers A "Torso"

David Fincher is making room in his schedule for "Torso," a thriller based on a graphic novel written by Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andrey-ko, which he will direct for Paramount Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter."Torso" tells the true but relatively unknown story of Treasury Department agent Eliot Ness' time after his Al Capone days, when he moved to Cleveland to be the city's public safety officer. Torsos began appearing in the river, and Ness began receiving notes taunting him to catch the killer. Ness, who had no experience in police work, put together a team of ex-officers to apprehend the serial murderer. The graphic novel was written by Bendis and Andreyko and drawn by Bendis in the late 1990s. Ehren Kruger is writing the adaptation, which will be produced by Bill Mechanic, Don Murphy and Todd McFarlane. Its expected he'll get to work on this once he wraps production on Paramount's "Benjamin Button" adaptation. Fincher's next film "Zodiac" is due out in the Fall.

OMG this is such exciting and huge news! I own the graphic novel and it is a fantastic read but will need a polish to make it to the screen. I've got alot more to post and redesign on this page so stay tuned!


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