Monday, March 05, 2007

Fincher talks Torso

I believe for the first time, while discussing his two current projects with MTV's Kurt Loder - Zodiac & Benjamin Button Fincher had this to say about Brian Bendis's graphic novel adaptation:

Loder: You obviously have an affinity for the serial-killer genre. I'd imagine you don't want to make a career of it, but you are considering making a film version of "Torso," aren't you?
Fincher: I'm interested in that. I'm not interested in the serial killer thing, I'm interested in Eliot Ness. I'm interested in the de-mythologizing of Eliot Ness. Because, you know, "The Untouchables" was only two or three years of the Eliot Ness story. There's a whole other, much more sinister downside to it. And so that's of interest to me. We want to make it the "Citizen Kane" of cop movies. I also want to make a CG animated movie. And I've been talking about doing a remake of a movie I really liked in the '70s, "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud." Ever see that? And there's a World War II movie that Robert Towne is writing that I really love.
All kinds of stuff.

Sounds fascinating doesn't it? Everyone of those ideas! If only we could clone Fincher - we might actually see all those amazing ideas appear on screen!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Possible start date

Producer Bill Mechanic talks when the film might start shooting - but I think he's very optimistic - Fincher is still finishing up Zodiac! For the record Bill hopes that Torso might start lensing sometime in 2008. Hey I'm all for it - the more Fincher the better! But I'd rather not get my hopes up.
Any news that filters thru will of course be found here!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

McFarlane talks Torso

Why does McFarlane keep talking about Torso like he wrote it? And why is he talking about it to ESPN??? From the article:
The other movie I am working on which is also a "comic" sort of picks up on Elliot Ness' life after leaving Chicago and putting Al Capone away. That's the one that David Fincher is signed up to direct. There is a screenplay being written now, the outline was just handed in. And everybody wants him to do this as his next movie, but he has another one lined up with Brad Pitt, so hopefully, worst case, it would be his second one -- he just finished "Zodiac," sort of a serial killer film, and he might want a breather from another serial killer story. Hopefully we can just keep this rock being pushed uphill.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bendis talks Torso.

Yay! Mini update. Bendis is Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Comicon and this is news from his panel as describe by the always informative Comics Continuum:
"MONROEVILLE, Pa. -- When it comes to films based on his properties, Brian Michael Bendis says, "I have no control, I just ride the wave."
He seems to be nativigating pretty well of late, providing an update on three projects during his panel at the Pittsburgh Comicon on Saturday.
The Torso movie got a positive jolt recently.
"To the shock of me and Marc Andreyko, David Fincher signed on to direct," Bendis said, "which is great because he is the only one who should direct it."
Fincher's signing cleared the way for a new deal with Paramount for the film's rights.
"I was at Paramount about a month ago and had an awesome meeting," Bendis said. "It sounded great."
Ehren Kruger is writing the adaptation, which will count Todd McFarlane among its producers."
Read the article for exciting news on other Bendis projects such as Jinx and Powers - which would all make great movies!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Again props to IESB with this cool video interview with producer Don Murphy where he talks a bit about the Torso movie, he praises Fincher and says that his (Don's) vision for the movie is that of a "Chinatown dark brooding piece" which sounds tre(very) cool. He also mentions how Fincher would film the movie - it starts with Ness during mayoral elections but then flashes back through the Torso murders - again tre cool. Check out the interview he also talks bout the Transformers film.
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