Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bendis talks how the Torso deal came about

From the best comic newsite in the world Newsarama:

“I don't think the details of any of this are that interesting,” Bendis wrote, “but we had first set this up at Miramax where mark and I wrote a draft. We had a great time doing that. There was some struggle as to what type of movie Miramax wanted to make from it. They were doing a lot of inexpensive thrillers at the time. Dracula 2000, etc and we all thought Torso should be something on the level of a LA Confidential, The Untouchables, or Seven. A big epic directed by someone... just like David Fincher.

“We got Torso back but Miramax kept our script which was really a bummer, but they bought it and they can do whatever they see fit. That's the way it goes in Hollywood. The amazing part is that Bill Mechanic's company jumped in and David Fincher showed interest and all the other pieces fell into place.

“I can't tell you enough how well Marc Andreyko and our manager David Engel and lawyer Shep Rosenmen handled all of this out there in LA. So, though there are many steps to go before a movie starts getting made, this is absolutely the kind of movie I had always hoped in my dream of dreams that Torso might be. But, man, never did I think it could get anywhere near this close. David Fincher, like many of us, is one of my favorite directors and the Fight Club DVD extras are inspiring.

“Torso was two years of my life, years of research and drawing, and it did get me my first work at Marvel. That and Jinx got me Daredevil and it got Marc's excellent book Manhunter. If any of this makes you feel like picking up the collection from Image comics... go with that feeling…

“As for Jinx at Universal i am just a week away from completing my first draft, so fingers crossed. But it felt good.

“And no, I am not leaving comics. Sorry avengers fans comics are the best medium for storytelling in the world and I am lucky to work on the best characters ever created. Trust me, nothing beats comics or the people that make them.”


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