Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bill Mechanic talks

One of the producers of Torso Bill Mechanic (also produced Fight Club and got fired) talks a little about Torso and his career in movies. It is quite a career and it is a wonderful article by the always informative HollywoodReporter. Highly recommended.

  • And down the pike at Paramount is the recently announced David Fincher thriller "Torso," based on the '90s graphic novel about a real-life Cleveland serial killer chased by famous gangster-basher Eliot Ness.
  • "Torso" came about because Murphy knew that comic artist Todd McFarlane had been sitting on the rights to the graphic novel for years. "After Eliot Ness has cleaned up Chicago, he's in Cleveland during the '30s Depression as public safety officer dealing with the Torso Killer, possibly America's first serial killer," says Murphy, who took the project to ex-Fox chairman Bill Mechanic, who first brought in "Barbershop's" George Tillman, and then "Fight Club" director Fincher.


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