Friday, January 20, 2006

McFarlane (yuk) talks

Look at that stare, hear the ego, the most deluded man in comics - its Todd McFarlane! What his involvment in the film I don't know but coming from him it sounds like he wrote and drew the damn comic! He really has a bad relationship with Bendis when he started writing for Marvel. Anyways this are a few excerpts from an "interesting" interview he conducted.
On Ness - "He was a young guy I think he actually passed away at 44 so he was a kid, so some of the people that you think of, you could argue even Costner was too old for that role cause I think Ness was only like 26 when he put Capone away," McFarlane argues. " this is supposed to be taking place 6 or 7 years later, so mid 30's, it sort of opens it up a little bit but I think that a guy like, well one of the guys I think they are leaning towards is Matt Damon. " PICK LEO!!!!
Films colour - "I talked to David, when he was first thinking about it he said this should be B&W , cause he read the novel, which is in black and white, and he was going ok cool, cool. But at that time, Sin City hadn't come out, it was just coming out and obviously there is the success of it " he said. " I think that Sin City was also appealing to a certain crowd, where I think Torso is beyond that crowd. Torso could have more of that Road to Perdition crowd. It can be big and wide ranging and it's not about let's go see if we can get all the comic book crowd and all the people that just dig big stylistic king fu movies, which is a big portion of the Sin City group. I don't know, we'll see how much the studios and everyone digs in their feet on what they think is going to come out of it. "


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