Thursday, August 10, 2006

McFarlane talks Torso

Why does McFarlane keep talking about Torso like he wrote it? And why is he talking about it to ESPN??? From the article:
The other movie I am working on which is also a "comic" sort of picks up on Elliot Ness' life after leaving Chicago and putting Al Capone away. That's the one that David Fincher is signed up to direct. There is a screenplay being written now, the outline was just handed in. And everybody wants him to do this as his next movie, but he has another one lined up with Brad Pitt, so hopefully, worst case, it would be his second one -- he just finished "Zodiac," sort of a serial killer film, and he might want a breather from another serial killer story. Hopefully we can just keep this rock being pushed uphill.


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