Monday, September 25, 2006

Possible start date

Producer Bill Mechanic talks when the film might start shooting - but I think he's very optimistic - Fincher is still finishing up Zodiac! For the record Bill hopes that Torso might start lensing sometime in 2008. Hey I'm all for it - the more Fincher the better! But I'd rather not get my hopes up.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, so Fincher really is making this? I've never heard him talk about it. It's weird he went four years without making a movie and now in two years he's going to make 3. I wish he'd make them this fast all the time. I really wish he had done Lords of Dogtown as well. I don'tknow if I want another serial killer movie right away though, obviously it would be awesome and I'd really like it, but what about Squids and all those are films he was attached to?

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