Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bendis talks Torso.

Yay! Mini update. Bendis is Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Comicon and this is news from his panel as describe by the always informative Comics Continuum:
"MONROEVILLE, Pa. -- When it comes to films based on his properties, Brian Michael Bendis says, "I have no control, I just ride the wave."
He seems to be nativigating pretty well of late, providing an update on three projects during his panel at the Pittsburgh Comicon on Saturday.
The Torso movie got a positive jolt recently.
"To the shock of me and Marc Andreyko, David Fincher signed on to direct," Bendis said, "which is great because he is the only one who should direct it."
Fincher's signing cleared the way for a new deal with Paramount for the film's rights.
"I was at Paramount about a month ago and had an awesome meeting," Bendis said. "It sounded great."
Ehren Kruger is writing the adaptation, which will count Todd McFarlane among its producers."
Read the article for exciting news on other Bendis projects such as Jinx and Powers - which would all make great movies!
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